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For all participants and accompanying persons, it is possible to book lunch at the venue for 15€ per day/person. We recommend this, because there are some bakeries and restaurants, but you have to walk a while (15 to 20 minutes) and many of them are not open on Sunday. And also note: it is not allowed to bring food or beverages for your own at the venue (exception: special food due to some health issues). If you have some sandwiches, please eat your lunch at the park nearby.

The lunch includes soup, salad, main dishes (meat or vegetarian) and dessert. It is offered in buffet style, so you can choose what you like.

For booking lunch please complete the form below and click "submit". You will receive a confirmation and payment information by e-mail. In the case of players under 18 years old, we kindly ask that the parents book for their child.
For any questions or additional information please contact us by e-mail to

Booking until: 12.07.2022, 22.00 CET

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28.07 - 31.07 (Team- and main tournament)
29.07 - 31.07 (Main tournament)

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* In the case of minors: the e-mail address of the educationally entitled persons